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Joel Elkes is a world renowned psychiatrist and the former Psychiatry-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. He is passionate about painting and is a talented watercolor artist. Dr. Elkes, enjoys having a conversation with trees, bark, water, the sea, and flowers, and his paintings are sought after by art collectors  around the world. His artwork has been exhibited at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Museum of Botany & The Arts in Sarasota, Florida, The University of Jerusalem, Israel, and Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. When you view one of Dr. Elkes watercolor paintings, you will see, smell, and even hear the intensity of his work. The presentation of color and nature blended together co-exist in perfect harmony. The light will draw you in, and the dark will make you pause and stand in silence.

The psychiatrist, researcher and scientist, is a Jewish Artist whose life has been forever changed by the Holocaust. With each stroke of the brush, this artist tells a story filled with joy and sorrow, and light and darkness. Dr. Joel Elkes has always felt that art is therapeutic and being a psychiatrist and someone whose life was impacted by the Holocaust, this watercolor painter understands that color can express emotions and even be healing. His paintings (contemporary art, abstract art, contemporary landscapes, contemporary seascapes, and Holocaust Watercolor Tributes), are hanging in homes of fine art collectors around the world.  Seeing nature and life through the eyes of this world renowned psychiatrist is very intriguing.
Now in his nineties, Joel Elkes still enjoys painting. Everything featured on this website is available in Limited Editions and are a good return on investment. Each one of these watercolor paintings tell a story about history, the strength of the Jewish people, trees, bark, water, the sea, flowers, the change of season, and life. They are timeless classics andl like other estate valuables, can be passed down to children and grandchildren.

                Watercolors by Joel Elkes, Sarasota FL

                         Museum Quality Giclee Prints
                Fine Art Textured Paper by Hahnemuhle

                     Limited Editions Numbered 1 - 22 

                      Certificate of Authenticity  (COA)  

      A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the " 4 "

   Holocaust Watercolor Tributes will be donated to 

   U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC  




                   Watercolor Painting Descriptions

"Shoreline Afternoon" Walk into this painting and escape the "life in the fast lane" world for a while. It is a beautiful and peaceful contemporary seascape. Size: 23" X 30"  Price: $950.00


"Three" A dark ravine with a blue sky and warm yellow rays of sunlight dripping down into the deep black hole.The color yellow is significant because it brings hope to the hopeless. The name "Three" represents the "3" strong colors and it is contemporary art in its finest form. Size: 18" X 18"  Price: $950.00

"Light in the Rock" Dedicated to Avraham Tory, author of the "Kovno Ghetto Diary." Mr. Tory was a Holocaust survivor and friend to Dr. Elkhanan Elkes, the father of artist Joel Elkes. Dr. Elkhanan Elkes was the Chairman of the Jewish Council for the Kovno Ghetto, which was established by Nazi Germany to hold the Lithuanian Jews of Kaunas.

Size: 30" X 30"   Holocaust Watercolor Tribute. Price: $1200.00

"Bark by Sea" In this watercolor painting, the artist imagined how a piece of bark might feel when it came in contact with the sea. Size: 22" X 30"   Price: $950.00       

"Old Olive Tree" This abstract art symbolizes an olive tree openings its arms to those who have hurt or disappointed you. The Old Olive Tree is about giving people a second chance and trying to find goodness in all mankind.

Size: 24" X 28"  Price: $950.00

"Barkscape & Water" Watercolor expression of the presence of life in the core of the tree with water flowing around it. Size: 30" X 29"   Price: $950.00

"Remembering" When you look at this barkscape in twilight, you can almost smell the scorched bark of the tree and feel the intense heat. Then you pause, and remember the Kovno burning. This is a Holocaust Watercolor Tribute to the memory of those who lost their lives. The tree is still standing, which represents the strength of the Jewish people and how they persevered.

Size: 36" X 24"   Holocaust Watercolor Tribute. Price: $1200.00

"Lupins in Afternoon Light" These vivid blue flowers appear to be leaning up against a wall of sunlight. This is a happy watercolor painting, and if you need more happiness in your it. Contemporary Landscape.
Size: 36" X 31"  Price: $950.00

"Three Rocks" While staring at rocks and water, the artist Joel Elkes began to paint this picture in his mind. The finished piece is truly magnificent and deserves a special place in your home or estate.
Size: 32" x 18"  Price: $950.00

"A Change of Weather" Memories of sailboats against the sky, on Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Size: 32" x 29"  Price: $950.00

"Going Home" This is contemporary art of a boat returning to sea. If you look carefully, you will see a ghost guiding it home. Size: 25" X 36"  Price: $950.00

"Mass Grave 9th Fort" This is one of the watercolor paintings in "The Light and The Dark" Series by Jewish Artist Joel Elkes. Its message is clear. All of Mankind must never forget, if we want to protect future generations from the despicable acts the Jewish people suffered. No race or nationality of people own this earth. It belongs to God.

Holocaust Watercolor Tribute.  Size: 17" x 24"  Price:$1200.00

"October Beetroot" This is a beautiful contemporary landscape of 
the first time the artist saw a beet root on the ground. Size: 36" X 24"  Price: $950.00


"Waiting" You will stare at this watercolor painting for hours. The flower is waiting patiently next to the window, hoping to go outside and be free. This Holocaust Watercolor Tribute stirs up alot of emotions for everyone who sees it. Can you imagine what it was like for the victims of the Holocaust who waited day after day, and prayed that the doors would open, and they would be freed?
Size:  36" X 24"   Holocaust Watercolor Tribute Price: $1200.00


"Spring" Spring is a time when everything is renewed, refreshed, and reborn, which is evident in this beautiful watercolor. It makes you want to close your eyes, but if you do, you will miss the "explosion of color" found in this abstract art.

Size: 18.5" X 24"  Price: $950.00


"Petals On Water" Sun drenched bright yellow petals float on the water, in this beautiful watercolor.
Size: 36" x 17"  Price: $950.00

"Tree Whispers" Artist Joel Elkes, gives you a "whisper" of something different each time you look at it. It is appropriately named "Tree Whispers" and is an abstract art which will impress all the guests in your home. This painting has a certain mystery about it. If you look at it again, you'll see what I'm talking about. Whether it's for your New York City Manhattan apartment, Connecticut estate, or Longboat Key beach condo, this is the perfect piece for fine art collectors around the world.

Size: 28" X 28"  Price: $950.00


"The Estuary" Your eyes cannot look away from the blue and green colors which represent both seawater and freshwater, found in an "estuary." It is a partially enclosed coastal body of water with a free connection with the open sea. Estuaries are the most productive natural habitats in the world. This is the artist's vision of one, which he first painted in his mind. This is contemporary art. Size: 30" x 22"   Price: $950.00


"Changing Weather" This abstract art is an intense display of colors which wake up your senses. It is simply beautiful. Size: 28" X 28"  Price: $950.00


"Barkscape in Evening" Simply breath-taking, watercolor painting by Joel Elkes, Sarasota FL.
Size: 22" X 30"  Price: $950.00

"Bark & Water" As the blue water flows down the branches and trunk of the tree, some drops hide in the crevices, while others rush to the thirsty ground below. This is a majestic watercolor with blue and brown tones.  
Size: 13" X 15"  Price: $950.00

"Fallen Olive Branch" Contemporary art. This Olive branch may haven fallen, but its glorious splendor is a reminder that is is still a peacemaker. 

Size: 36" X 26"  Price: $950.00

"Tree in High Summer" Majestic blues and yellows cover this watercolor. It is a relaxing picture which is bathing in sunshine. Joel Elkes, watercolor artist, Sarasota FL USA. Size: 36" X 31"  Price $950.00

Shorline Afternoon
Light In The Rock
Bark By Sea
Old Olive Tree
Barkscape And Water
Lupins In Afternoon Light
Three Rocks
A Change of Weather
Going Home - Boat Returning to Sea
Mass Grave 9th Fort
October Beetroot
Petals on Water
Tree Whispers
The Estuary
Changing Weather
Barkscape in Evening
Bark & Water
Fallen Olive Branch
Tree in High Summer

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Disclosure: The artist Joel Elkes has the exclusive rights to all artwork displayed on this website. Duplicating photos of his work or attempting to use his watercolor paintings without his permission is an infringement on his rights as the artist and is strictly forbidden. Parties who disregard this policy are subject to legal action. The artist states that he has tried to represent the colors and details shown in all his paintings as acturately as possible.