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Joel Elkes The Watercolor Artist, Is A Gifted Man With Some Very Impressive Professional Credentials

Shortly after his birth, Dr. Elkhanan Elkes, (Chairman of the Jewish Council at Kovno, during the Holocaust), and his wife, took their young son Joel and moved to Lithuania. Joel Elkes studied in both Switzerland and England. He began his career in physical chemistry and pharmacology and studied medicine at St. Mary's Hospital in London. In 1951, he moved into psychiatry and founded the Department of Experimental Psychiatry at the University of Birmingham (UK), which was the first of its kind in the world. I believe his father Dr. Elkhanan Elkes, would be very proud of his son Joel and daughter Sara, and how they have both used their many talents to help others.

 In 1957, Dr. Joel Elkes built three major research centers for the Brain Sciences, and is also credited with being one of the founders of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. The Joel Elkes Research Award has been set up in his name to honor recipients with outstanding achievements in this field of medicine. Other career accomplishments include: Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, and former Psychiatrist-in-Chief at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. Joel Elkes is also an author and wrote  "Dr. Elkhanan Elkes of the Kovo Ghetto,  A Son's Holocaust Memoir."

Painting has always been a passion, but Joel Elkes really started focusing on his watercolor paintings the past few years. Now in his 90's, he still paints. This website has been created to showcase all his Limited Editions which include very unique Holocaust Watercolor Tributes, Abstract Art, Contemporary Art, Contemporary Landscapes, and Contemporary Seascapes.


Dr. Joel Elkes has always felt that art was therapeutic and being a psychiatrist and someone whose life was impacted by the Holocaust, this watercolor painter understands that color can express emotions and even be healing.

Seeing nature and life, through the eyes of this psychiatrist is very intriguing, and we invite you to browse this site to see all the Limited Edition watercolor paintings available. Each one has a story to tell, and are filled with joy and sorrow, and light and darkness.

Dr. Joel Elkes and wife, Sarasota, FL USA. 

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Disclosure: The artist Joel Elkes has the exclusive rights to all artwork displayed on this website. Duplicating photos of his work or attempting to use his watercolor paintings without his permission is an infringement on his rights as the artist and is strictly forbidden. Parties who disregard this policy are subject to legal action. The artist states that he has tried to represent the colors and details shown in all his paintings as acturately as possible.