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Light in Treebark
Lupins in Stiff Breeze
Barkscape Sunset
Light Through Rock
Landscape Shore Green Sky "Israel"
Clearing by Lakeside
Swamp Shore Afternoon
Shoreline September
Anna's Flowers
Tree Talk

Joel Elkes Watercolors Sarasota FL


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Limited Editions Numbered 1 - 22

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Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

A portion of the the proceeds of the sale of the "4"

Holocaust Watercolor Tributes (shown on the Home Page) will be donated to the

 U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Washington. D.C.


Holocaust Watercolor Tributes
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All watercolor paintings are on high quality giclee prints and are signed by artist. These are available in Limited Editions and will be shipped "rolled" unless fine art collector requests they be shipped flat. Each buyer will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity, indicating the number of the giclee Limited Edition print. Limited Editions are numbered 1-22 for all watercolor paintings. All purchase transactions will be handled through Paypal and funds must be received before shipment can be Watercolor paintings displayed on this website (Watercolors For Sale and Home Page) are all available in Limited Editions only, which makes them a good return on investment. The Holocaust Watercolor Tributes, by Jewish Artist Joel Elkes are also only available in Limited Editions.              


Watercolor Painting Descriptions


"Light in Treebark"  Contemporary Landscape by artist Joel Elkes, Sarasota FL. Size: 30" X 26"  Price: $950.00


"Lupins in Stiff Breeze" This is another beautiful watercolor with the Lupins. See "Lupins in Afternoon" featured on Home Page. Size: 36" X 26"  Price: $950.00


"Barkscape Sunset"

Size: 30" X 20"  Price: $950.00


"Light Through Rock" 

 Size: 36" X 25"  Price: $950.00


"Landscape Shore Green Sky, Israel" The Jewish Artist Joel Elkes was thinking of Israel when he painted this beatufiul contemporary watercolor.

Size: 36" X 22"  Price: $950.00


"Four" This abstract art is an explosion of "4" colors. 

Size: 16" X 22"  Price: $950.00


"Clearing by Lakeside" Water can be very soothing to your spirit, and this watercolor certainly has that affect on people.

Size: 32" X 36"  Price: $950.00

"Swamp Shore Afternoon" Drift into a state of quiet relaxation, as you ponder the artist thoughts while painting this truly beautiful watercolor. 

Size: 20" X 26"  Price: $950.00


"Shoreline September" A contemporary seascape from watercolor artist Joel Elkes. All the works of this artist are only available in Limited Editions.

Size: 25" X 30"  Price: $950.00


"Anna's Flowers" Painted for Joel Elkes daughter on her birthday. She is a Ballerina. 

Size: 24" X 17.5"  Price: $950.00

"Tree Talk" Have you ever wondered if trees have a special way of communicating with each other?  "Tree Talk" by Jewish Artist Joel Elkes, explores this idea in this abstract art watercolor painting.

Size: 22" X 30"  Price: $950.00



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Disclosure: The artist Joel Elkes has the exclusive rights to all artwork displayed on this website. Duplicating photos of his work or attempting to use his watercolor paintings without his permission is an infringement on his rights as the artist and is strictly forbidden. Parties who disregard this policy are subject to legal action. The artist states that he has tried to represent the colors and details shown in all his paintings as acturately as possible.
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